Monthly Archives: June 2008

Google Code Jam 2008

Selain kontes Busby SEO Challenge yang sedang hangat saat ini, Google juga menggelar kontes bagi para coder yaitu Google Code Jam 2008.

Web 3.0 websites

Dear my friends, Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with Web 3.0 websites? Most people assume it’s because Web 3.0 sites are new and exciting, but they’d be wrong.

London Escort

London Escorts London – the grand resonance of its very name suggests history and might. Its opportunities for entertainment by day and night go on and on and on. It’s a city that exhilarates and intimidates, stimulates and irritates in equal measure, a grubby Monopoly board studded with stellar sights. It’s a cosmopolitan mix of […]

Debt Settlement

When you are buried deep in credit card debt, you probably should not be asking if Debt Settlement affects your credit score. Instead, you may want to consider if you should really care what your score is. Think about your situation very seriously for a moment. You’re losing sleep and can barely make the minimum […]

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle

The third game from the Guitar Hero series is going to rock your face off. You will channel your inner guitar god as you thrash your way through all sorts of venues. In addition to standard Guitar Hero features you know and adore, this game has all kinds of killer new options such as the […]

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

Nintendo is bringing Mario and his friends with their finely tuned racing machines back and this time to the Nintendo Wii. With 3 different control styles and a Wii Wheel included in the box, Mario Kart Wii is bound to be the best in the series. The worldwide race is on with a whole new […]

Suntik MySQL dosis tinggi

Bigdump.php adalah sebuah file PHP wajib yang harus diketahui web developer. BigDump berfungsi untuk melakukan injeksi kedalam database MySQL secara perlahan-lahan namun pasti .

Banner di Brokencode.Biz

Mulai 1 April 2008, Brokencode.Biz menerima pemasangan banner/artikel untuk mempromosikan situs, bisnis, produk maupun jasa Anda. Brokencode.Biz tidak menerima pemasangan banner yang melanggar perundang-undangan/etika. Banner 468×60 Homepage (Code: 468x60HP) Banner 250×250 Homepage (Code: 250x250HP) Banner 728×90 Single Page (Code: 728x90SP) Banner 180×150 Single Page (Code: 180x150SP) Maksimum banner yang diterima adalah 1 dengan siklus 1:1 […]